Upcoming Events

Tue Jul 29 @ 6:00PM - 8:00pm
Summer round robin
Sun Aug 17 @ 2:00PM - 5:00pm
Fall visual evaluations
Tue Aug 19 @ 5:00AM - 7:00pm
Fall visual evaluation makeups
Sun Aug 24 @ 8:00AM - 5:00pm
Fall team registration deadline
Fri Aug 29 @ 8:00AM - 5:00pm
Fall schedules posted

Getting Started

About Greenville JTT

Spring 2014 Award Winners

Favorite Coach/Captain: Sonja Broderick

Favorite Club Facility: Sportsclub, Dave Carrick Director of Tennis

Volunteer of the Year: Loretta Crowley

U8 Sportsmanship: Pietro Heyde

U8 Most Improved:   Lilly Shoffner

U10B Sportsmanship: Joe Medlock

U10B Most Improved: Dent McGee

U10I Sportsmanship: Ben Clark

U10I Most Improved: Connor Maddox

U10 Adv-Int Most Improved: Noah Johnston

U12 Int Sportsmanship: Brendan Bress

U12 Int Most Improved: Sam Lookadoo

U12 Adv-Int Sportsmanship: Julia Jacques

U12 Adv-Int Most Improved: Hannah Ellis

U14B Sportsmanship: Saleem Alnawasreh

U14B Most Improved: Micah Shearer

U14 Int Sportsmanship: Cooper Boyd

U14 Int Most Improved: Bryonna Howard

U14 Adv-Int Sportsmanship: Emma McFall

U14 Adv-Int Most Improved: Riley Driscoll

U18 Adv-Int Sportsmanship: Sebastian Ionata

U18 Adv-Int Most Improved: Anna Davidson

U18 Adv Sportsmanship: James Graham

U18 Adv Most Improved: Ryan Auger

Girls High School Sportsmanship: Erin Kaisner

Girls High School Most Improved: Amber Hudson

Summer 14 Flyer


Welcome to Greenville JTT